Corporate policy

To meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders…

  • we contact them regularly and survey them about the quality of our products and services
  • we agree clear quality standards and verify that they have been achieved
  • we continuously improve and optimise our processes and products/services
  • we ensure we have the necessary material and human resources
  • we monitor and check the information for stakeholders

To support our employees…

  • we deepen their awareness of quality, environmental and safety-related issues by providing them with targeted training and further education
  • we involve them in the implementation of improvement measures within their own area of work
  • we ensure that our managers lead by example and that we have an open information policy
  • we provide progressive working conditions within a socially secure environment

To integrate our suppliers…

  • we select them strategically on the basis of our quality and environmental standards
  • we foster good cooperation through partnership-based behaviour
  • we inspect the products delivered and evaluate supplier performance

To comply with legal and local requirements…

  • we periodically review all legislation and the current concerns of society

To lower our impact on the environment…

  • we take steps to avoid and reduce the consumption of resources and the generation of waste and emissions as a result of our activities
  • we fulfil all our legal and other environmental obligations
  • we assess the impact of our activities regularly and define targets and measures accordingly
  • we optimise our existing processes and use the most environmentally friendly methods and technology available when making new investments
  • we inform stakeholders about our environmental performance

To ensure the health and safety of employees…

  • we provide them with safety information and training on an ongoing basis
  • we operate all our systems and equipment in accordance with the stipulated safety regulations
  • we provide the resources required to continuously improve our standards

To optimise overall costs…

  • we define KPIs for all major processes
  • we employ appropriate work equipment and use it optimally
  • we periodically review our structures and define clear areas of responsibility

To minimise risks…

  • we produce an annual risk assessment, in which all potential risks are identified, defined and evaluated
  • where necessary, we introduce and implement appropriate measures

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485


E. Rihs AG is the embodiment of quality and precision:
the company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 13485.
Processes are monitored using the AQL and SPC quality control procedures.