With our modern stamping presses – which have a capacity of up to 80 tonnes – we produce highly sophisticated stamped parts for, inter alia, the electrical, medical and automotive engineering industries. Using our standardised modular stamping tools, we are able to turn customer requirements into reality in next to no time. Our stamping tools are developed by our engineering specialists and produced in our in-house tool shop. That is the only way we can meet the high expectations of customers in terms of quality and deadlines. We are also able to respond quickly and effectively to changes or tool wear without the slightest threat to quality or the delivery date.

Our absolute adherence to operational plans and to inspection and work instructions at every stage of production guarantees a high level of reliability. In turn, this ensures that our customers’ quality and scheduling requirements are met. Each process step is precisely defined, recorded and evaluated in minute detail through self-monitoring, which includes SPC data acquisition. This means that we are able to respond immediately to dimensional changes to ensure constant process reliability.

Our high-precision progressive stamping tools incorporate every conceivable form of embossing, deep drawing, bending, joining, plunging and packaging. Our innovative production solutions give us a competitive edge time and time again, and inspire us to view the daily challenges we face from a different, if not almost impossible, perspective.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485


E. Rihs AG is the embodiment of quality and precision:
the company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 13485.
Processes are monitored using the AQL and SPC quality control procedures.